Mumu (Will Moore) has worked extensively in storytelling through music video creation, documentary, content creation, and advertisements. 
I am a Wellington based film maker with 15+ years of experience as a producer, director, DOP, and editor.
Throughout my career I have made one feature length documentary and a handful of short documentary films, and
worked on other documentaries. My career has also consisted of directing corporate videos and advertisements
alongside being a stay at home parent. In the last 5 years I have focused on establishing myself as a music video
director, where I have been able to use my artistic vision and love of storytelling to showcase some of Aotearoa’s
favorite bands.
My work is deeply influenced by my Māori whakapapa, and the te ao Māori view that all people are connected, and
are connected with papatūānuku. My passion for filmmaking is driven by my love for this connection. All my
filmmaking seeks to capture moments of connection, to capture the rawness of people’s stories, and to connect
people to each other and to papatūānuku through storytelling.
Alongside my journey in film I am also a maker of taonga pūoro instruments, and have shown 5 exhibitions of this
work. I am also a mixed media artist.